Simple Quick & Easy Fix

       Package #1
Do you need expert advice in choosing paint colours, lighting or furniture but want to do it yourself? Then this package is ideal for you. We will go through the design principals on how to create balance, a focal point and rhythm in your space during my initial visit. We can then source the fixtures and furniture together by booking a shopping tour.
Are you purchasing a new home? Together we can visit the Design Centre for your Colour Selection Consultation once your have purchased a new home from a Builder. Contact me for ideas on your layout and let's look at the builders plan for options on lighting, power outlet locations, cable locations, structural changes and more.

The cost of the consultations starts at a minimum of
$125/hr + HST and the shopping tour is $55/hr + HST.
Let's Get Started
Package #2
After our initial consultation you will recieve a digital mood board which will provide guidance in the style we are aiming for your space. With a decorating schedule, we can cut down confusion, break the project down in stages and create a design scheme with fluidity. Along our journey you will also receive an updated budget/invoice sheet with items purchased and services rendered. We now consolidate all this information and pull the space together step by step.
The cost of this package is $650 + HST for 10 hours or $1,200 + HST for 20 hours. In these hours, I include sourcing time for lighting, furniture selection, flooring, wall treatments, window coverings and more. This package is ideal for those who are re-designing a room or starting new with a conventional budget.  
Full House Decor Service
 Package #3       
My Schematic Decor Presentation is a great tool for me to present you the proposed design concept. This is the hub where we gather inspirations and ideas to create a streamlined process. The proposal of the Shcematic Decor Presentation will give you an idea of what the finished spaces will be and allows everyone involved to agree on one direction. Similar to package #2 you will also receive a budget breakdown sheet to keep tabs of the project costs and a floor plan that will be a guide as to where you should place your furniture. Looking at the bones of the room, we will decide what to highlight as a focal point. Last but not least - Sourcing products and purchases will be made, delivered and installed and then your space becomes reality! 

​​The cost of this package ranges from $7,000 + HST to $10,000 + HST of Decorating Services for your entire home. This package is ideal for the affluent budget. Things to consider are: how you will use the rooms? What is your lifestyle? How many people would you like to have seated in this space? What activities will occur here? Do you want to hide your TV? Are you keeping any current belongings? 
Staging Service 
Are you planning on selling your home? Do you want the best return on your investment? Let me transform your property and assist in maximum earning potential. I proudly deliver the best results at a fair price. Contact me for a quick estimate by phone or by email /416-888-6824