Christmas Tree Decorating Services
Do you love Christmas decorations but don't have the time or vision to put it all together? 

I offer Professional Interior Seasnal Decorating Services for setting up your holiday decor or any other season. I also offer rental of Christmas Tree's and ornaments of your choice. Call me to book your instalation date
416-888-6824 or email me at

My Service fees:
Pencil Tree $100
6.5 ft Tree - $100
7.5 ft Tree $115
8.5 ft to 9.5 ft Tree $125
10 ft or higher Tree starts at $145 or more

For an additional $50 I can source all the Ornaments, Lights, Under Tree Treatment & Tree Toppers. 
Take down is also optional for the same price as set up.

Christmas Decorating DIY''S 

Deer Art

My husband Ozzy is alwasy helping me execute the idea's I create in my head. He loves to DIY and he's always been a "hands on" type so we make a great team together. This project started from skids (aka wood pallets) that were free. The red deer head decal was purchased from Rona for $3.00 + tax on clearance and the paint was left over from another project. This inexpensive project took 2-3days and turned out amazing. It hangs nicely below my porch light. I could not do it without my husband and for that I am so grateful.

Sled for Decor only

My hubby owes major credit for this one as well. I was walking through a local Michael's craft store and had a thought! What if I can incorporate any winter type sports or winter gear into my outdoor decor? Credit is also due to Pinterest for a few ideas.
My daughter's skates she out grew,  a few decor garland from Michael's, red burlap flower from Walmart and again used more free skids and left over white paint and here you have it! A decorated sled just for looks lol!
I only applied one coat of paint on both projects because I wanted the natural grains to show through.
This stunning original piece sits next to the dear head project that is posted above and they both complement each other. 
We have a spot light that shines on our porch so you can view both pieces from the street. We have also tied it down to the banister in case of strong winds. 
I think it looks amazing!

DIY Cone Christmas Trees

DIY Burlap Christmas Trees

I decided to add some of my own touches in my Christmas decor that included these 2 Burlap Christmas trees. These foam trees are available at most craft stores along with the burlap. The crystal stickers are from our local dollar store which added that extra elegance I was looking for. With a little hot glue, scissors and some time I was able to incorporate these 2 trees that have a mixed design of rustic meets classic contemporary.
More DIY Christmas Trees
Once I completed the Burlap trees above I was inspired to do 3 more with a softer textured fabric. I purchased these fabrics at our local Walmart store and decided to use a grey almost animal print like to compliment and balance out the white felt fabric for my 3 foam trees. All I used was hot glue, scissors, some old buttons from my collection, stick on beads and pearls. They are all different in style but using both fabrics on all 3 trees creates this clustered affect meant to be. 
I placed them on my metallic candle holders in my kitchen next to the other silver shimmery elements. It all ties together because of the use of colour that is complimentary to all the Christmas decor you see here in this space. Mixing the metals and fabrics ties this space together and creates the elevated elegance I was aiming for.