Hello, my name is Nadia and I'm here to help coach you in your decorating style. Here is a little more about me and how I became an inspired decorator.
I come from a family of 6...Yes my poor father was the only man in the household and my mother had to deal with 4 daughters who are all very close in age!  But I wouldn't change it for the world because growing up I always had best friends and was never alone. Our household was very busy and always fun. My Dad always worked and my mom raised my 3 sisters and I. We lived with little but this is how I saw things in my world that I could change and work on a budget, which meant I had to do most of the work myself. Once I found a part time job, I started to shop at thrift stores because I was so done wearing hand me downs from my sisters. I turned garments and furniture pieces into one of a kind items. I remember I bought a lamp for my room that was was funcky but not the right colour. So I spray painted it and changed the shade to go with my black bean bag chair and my black tables in my little seating area that I created in my bedroom at 16 yrs old. I sponge painted my walls...(hey - back then it was in style), I put up a roller shade blind to keep the sun out and I organized my closet. I also remember my mom telling her friends how nice I kept everything and all the little projects I completed. She was proud of me xoxo..
Looking back now, I always had the flair to decorate since I was a young child. It gave me happiness and freedom in my own world and away from our chaotic lifestyle. However once I finished high school, my path went into a different direction which led me to work in a professional Human Resource field specializing in Pension & Benefits for over 16 years!!! 
I had an amazing mentor and great collegues that also helped me grow into the person I am today.

In the last 5 years, I have dabbled in design strategy services including space planning, colour consultations, furniture selection, interior lighting enhancements and more. So I have decided to pursue this full time and see where this path will take me now that I am no longer working in the corporate world! I had a wonderful time, met so many people and was very lucky to work alongside one of my sisters for most of my career. Working in a corporate facility provided me with excellent communication, written, verbal and listening skills which are important in this industry of design. I also possess strong organizational and detail-oriented skills to ensure my work is of the highest quality and error free. I keep up with cultural and historical trends that assist me in creating and delivering fascinating solutions and exceptional customer service. I would love to have the ability to inspire you as others have inspired me in my life.

I will listen to your vision and do everything in my power to create it exactly as you see it. I can work with strict deadlines or take on longer term projects that involve deeper thought. I am based out of the GTA (Canada) area as a Certified Independent Interior Decorator and I believe in living with beautiful things around us that can be shared with family and friends! Gone are the days of rooms where we were “only” permitted to use for special occasions and mostly to take pictures. Let’s live with luxurious things every day because life is just too short.


I am now a mom of two with a very supportive husband who helped me along the way in developing my business. It's a challenge at first with two small kids but it's amazing how they now truly appreciate all the decor I set up in my home. Especially for the Fall, Halloween and Christmas season. Check out my instagram page for more pictures and to get some ideas for your own home.
I would love to hear your story or just to have a chat. So please feel free to contact me today to discuss your vision and to start living with beautiful things.